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Volume V Number 1 June 1996 #43

Cover: Lucy Knott with three daughters

Editorial: Name change from Tobacco Plains Journal to The Trail

Interview: Phyllis Americana Knott Moen

Reprinted from Tobacco Plains Journal: Enos Campbell Wild West Show; Earthquake – San Francisco, 1906

Reprinted from Kootenai Times: Thrilling Trip of a Prospector Down Kootenai

Reprinted from the Whitefish Pilot: Passing of old west, smoking fiends and crime, shot cougar

Photographs: Eureka Hotel, Fred Knott, Baby Phyllis Moen, Lucy Knott and three daughters at home, men up pole above bear w/Calix Dugas, Clark Spurlock and three Knott sisters at Dickey Lake

Volume V Number 2 October 1996 #44

Cover: Emma Leonard and Jess Wetzel circa 1919

Editorial: Travels summer of 1996, Baltimore, Colorado, Minnesota

Interview: Margaret Fornall

Non-fiction: Michael Phillipps: Pioneer, Naomi Miller; Forty Years With Hercules, Margaret Fornall.

Reprinted from Tobacco Plains Journal: UFOs in Tobacco Plains Country

Reprinted from Kootenai Times: Pioneer Days, John Campbell

Photographs: Indians in Eureka (2), Demers family, Deer hunters

Volume V Number 3 January/February 1997 #45

Cover: Thain White and his Model A

Editorial: Montana speed limit

Interview: Thain White

Non-fiction: Forty Years with Hercules, Margaret Fornall; Vessels of the Flathead, Thain White

Reprinted from Tobacco Plains Journal: Crow Indians Getting Well Fixed

Reprinted from Kootenai Times: Pioneer Fur Trader of 1854

Map: Flathead Lake

Photographs: Paul Bunyan on Flathead Lake, Newgard house at Hog Heaven, Welcome Indigo

Volume VI Number 1 May/June 1997 #46

Cover: Schoolboy Howard Helms 1916

Editorial: Dad and vending machines/my new laptop

Interview: O. V. and Evelyn

Non-fiction: Edible Bouquet of the Tobacco Plains, Andrea Weiser

Fiction: Legend of the Trego Bride, Gary Montgomery

Reprinted from Whitefish Pilot: Dropped to Death

Reprinted from Kootenai Times: Pioneer Fur trader of 1854

Photographs: Women/children in Fortine; Logging camp; Men/woman in front of Klinke Store; Klinke brothers; Inside Fortine Store 1910

Volume VI Number 2 September 1997 #47

Cover: Booze Across the Border

Editorial: Montana – how it got named

Interview: Loren Kujawa

Non-fiction: Booze Across the Border, Gary Montgomery; Forty Years with Hercules, Margaret Fornall;

Incident Over a Pig, Gary Montgomery

Reprinted from the Tobacco Plains Journal: four short pieces;

Reprinted from the Kootenai Times: Pioneer Days – Lost Silver Mine of Wolf Creek

Reprinted from the Whitefish Pilot: Engineer drowns

Photographs: Pack horses to Ten Lakes; People at Border; People and car w/booze; Jack Yerrian of LEC

Volume VI Number 3 January 1998 #48

Cover: Children with sled

Editorial: Delmar Montgomery epitaph

Interview: Warren Lancaster

Non-fiction: Big Cats, Gary Montgomery; Forty Years with Hercules, Margaret Fornall; Whatever

Happened to John White, L. Schmittroth, More on the Montana Vigilantes, Gary Montgomery

Reprinted from Tobacco Plains Journal: Don‟t Spoil Wife and Automobile Aids Farmer

Reprinted from Eureka Journal: Dope Fiends Leaving Montana

Reprinted from Flathead Herald Journal: four short pieces.

Reprinted from Kootenai Times, Pioneer Days

Photographs: Canadian Hwy 93, Letcher, Roo, Gorrie; Chas. Miller, Trego‟s first postmaster; Mountain lion; Hauling butts to chemical plant; inside Corbin, British Columbia store; Trego schoolchildren, 1921

Volume VII Number 1 July 1998 #49

Cover: Sunday School picnic at Tetrault Lake, 1927

Editorial: Lost keys, keys locked in car

Interview: Jeanette Nolan McIntire

Non-fiction: Riding the River, told by Roy Brock; Forty Years with Hercules, Margaret Fornall;

Adventures Along the Ft. Steele Trail, Darris Flanagan

Reprinted from Tobacco Plains Journal: The Cove Morgan Affair, Warning to Nagging Women

Reprinted from Eureka Journal: The Day All Hell Broke Loose

Reprinted from Kootenai Times: Pioneer Days

Photographs: Fred Knott and family in Model T at Water Tank Hill; Mike Smith of Trego with crosscut saw; river rats on log drive, bird‟s eye view of Trego, 1924.

Volume VII Number 2 October 1998 #50

Cover: Horses and Model A in Rexford c 1931

Editorial: Glacier Park hike

Interview: Viola Erie, short talks with Addie Irwin and Opal Kearney

Non-fiction: The Fires of 1910, Gary Montgomery; Forty Years with Hercules, Margaret Fornall

Fiction: The Prairie Fire, Clara Fewkes; The Chris‟mus Present, E. Hart

Reprinted from Eureka Mirror: Whitefish Men Death on Bears

Reprinted from the Kootenai Times: Pioneer Days

Photographs: Hunter in shack doorway; Phyllis and Winifred Moen by bearskin rug; early auto wreck

Volume VII Number 3 January 1999 #51

Cover: Inez Herrig, The Librarian

Editorial: National paranoia and Y2K

Interview: Inez Herrig

Non-fiction: Bonner‟s Ferry Lumber Company, Cindy Hemry; The Good Old Days, (high death rate among children); Here and Gone, Tommy Norbury‟s brief stay in southern British Columbia, Naomi Miller; A Libby Creek Tragedy, Hon. M. M. Crowley

Fiction: The Storm, Clara Fewkes

Reprinted from Tobacco Plains Journal: Eagle Drops Child Into Tree

Photographs: Cants at Fortine; Shorty Young; early log truck; early Rexford; RR worker‟s house old Rexford

Volume VIII Number 1 Spring 1999 #52

Cover: Robbe children with pet whitetail, circa 1905

Editorial: Trash

Interview: Helen and Harrell Pluid

Non-fiction: Eureka Ranger Post 173, Gary Montgomery; A Libby Creek Tragedy, Hon M. M. Crowley; Scarred Trees in Western Montana, Thain White.

Reprinted from Tobacco Plains Journal: The Blooming Forest Reserve

Reprinted from Eureka Journal: Demers old house fire, naming of firewater.Photographs: Emma and Jess Wetzel, Ella Mae Leonard fishing, Rexford School children 1945, Matthew James, bird‟s eye view of Eureka c 1910, Baptiste Mathias and Thain White, 1962

Volume VIII Number 2 Summer 1999 #53

Cover: Pen and ink of prospector facing grizzly

Editorial: New speed limit law

Interview: Martha Mason

Non-fiction: Kathryn Brock Remembered, Dixie Peltier; Bear Attacks, G.ary Montgomery, Dave Clarke, Bayne French, Stan Anderson; A Libby Creek Tragedy, Hon. M. M. Crowley; Old-time Remedies, Mildred Chaffin

Photographs: Lou Smith on Gold Creek, Edith Swing‟s second grade class 1945, Iva Peltier, Kathryn Brock and Lita Salanski 1997; bateau on Kootenai River

Volume VIII Number 3 Fall 1999 #54

Cover: Doughboys – 1918

Editorial: U. S. entry into WW I

Interview: Edith Douglas

Non-fiction: Local Boys Do Well, George and Frank Long, Gary Montgomery; Dr. F. A. Long, Obit; A Libby Creek Tragedy, M. M. Crowley; A Libby creek Tragedy Revisited, Mark White

Photographs: Roy and Albert Brock with horses; Down Among the Fairies; Survey crew in Yaak; Joseph Peltier family

Volume VIII Number 4 Winter 2000 #55

Cover: Two Horse Cutter, Johnny Dahlberg and barn boss Hans

Editorial: Aging, Doris Haddock – Granny D

Interview: Ed and Elizabeth Finch

Non-fiction: High-button Shoes, Mildred Chaffin; Adventures Along the Fort Steele Trail, Darris Flanagan

Fiction: You Can‟t Smell A Rat It They Ain‟t Any, Mildred Chaffin; A Libby Creek Tragedy Revisited, Mark White

Book Review: A Century in the Life of Elko

Reprinted From the Tobacco Plains Journal: Bold Bandit Rifles Mail Car

Photographs: Ed and Esther Cook; Church of God congregation, 1956; Ice Fishing Glen Lake

Volume IX Number 1 Spring 2000 #56

Cover: The Crossing, Kalispell to Libby 1912

Editorial: Buying lottery tickets; Everybody wants to get rich.

Interview: Iva Peltier

Non –fiction: Diary of Cora Frederickson; Roy Brock‟s Diary; Grim Prospects on Wolf Creek, Gary Montgomery; Life and Death Before the N. T. S. B.

Reprinted from Various Old Newspapers

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal – 1912: Phillips Falls Controversy; Many Settlers For Eureka; Fruitvale Irrigated Orchard Tract Company; Johnas Van Wagenen obit, 1911

Photographs: Mrs. A. T. (Jessie) Purdy and son Comet in buggy, 1912; Joe Frederickson Family, 1906; National Hotel dining room, 1924

Volume IX Number 2 Summer 2000 #57

Cover: Lookin‟ Back, Model T with Phyllis Moen near Point of Rocks c1923

Editorial: Forest Fire supply crew experience

Interview: Mildred and Allen Chaffin

Non-fiction: Diary of Cora Frederickson, The Election Day Murder, Gary Montgomery; Roy Brock‟s Diary; What‟s Fun in Summer, Mildred Chaffin

Reprinted from the Missoulan, 1964, Ray Frost and a meteor

Photographs: A-frame hay loader c1915; Local Boys Downtown c1930; National Hotel bar c1924

Volume IX Number 3 Fall 2000 #58

Cover: Fred Knott and Winifred with bear hide c1920

Editorial: The ordeal of answering machines

Interview: Don Boslaugh

Non-fiction: Diary of Cora Frederickson; Roy Brock‟s Diary; Christmas Memories, Mildrerd Chaffin

Fiction: The Nerve of Kate, Wendy Kleker

Reprinted from Eureka Journal: Big Mill Razed by Fire, 1914; Bandits Hold Up Train and Elude Capture, 1914

Photographs: Bear in Glacier Park 1949; Tree across road, Boslaugh, 1950; Eureka Mill fire, 1914; Loading Christmas Trees on train

Volume IX Number 4 Winter 2001 #59

Cover: Blanche McManus, Schoolmarm 1927

Editorial: Watching the news

Interview: Blanche McManus

Non-fiction: Diary of Cora Frederickson; Kootenai Posts, Darris Flanagan; Roy Brock‟s Diary, Blanche McManus Taft, the Later Years, Gary Montgomery; Five Men, Five Obituaries

Fiction: The Honorable Ruse; Mildred Chaffin

Photographs: Possible “sander” from lumber camp; Blanche McManus and lumber camp students; First church on Tobacco Plains; Students at Roosevelt School; William and Theora Mills

Volume X Number 1 Spring 2001 #60

Cover: Building contractors, 1921

Editorial: Abolish the death penalty

Interview: Bob Lowe

Non-fiction: Tooley Lake School, Dixie Peltier; Diary of Cora Frederickson; Murder of Young Oliver, Gary Montgomery; Basket Ball - Before It Became One Word, Gary Montgomery; Roy Brock‟s Diary, When Spring came to Evaro, Mildred Chaffin

Photographs: J. P. Lowe, in one-horse sleigh w/his children; Three sets of Tobacco Valley twins; Bus wreck near Fernie‟ Young adults camped at Therriault Lakes, 1915; Eureka basketball team downtown

Volume X Number 2 Summer 2001 #61

Cover: Settlers on Tobacco Plains

Editorial: Acquisition of Lizzie (Hank)

Interview: Tom Costich

Non-fiction: A Smokestack‟s Point of View, Gary Montgomery; Diary of Cora Frederickson, Murder of Young Oliver, Gary Montgomery; Roy Brock‟s Diary; Summer „Round the Bend, Mildred Chaffin; Indian Trails of the Northern Rockies, Darris Flanagan

Reprinted from Eureka Journal: John Campbell Moves to Canada

Photographs: Costich family, 1897; Tom Costich and Patsy Broderick in play, 1942; Big Mill abandoned

Volume X Number 3 Fall 2001 #62

Cover: Dakota, female grizzly bear

Editorial: Response to 9/11 attack

Interview: Juanita Butts

Non-fiction: Don Potter – Marine Aviator, Gary Montgomery; The Search For Jack Barnaby; Dakota, Odyssey of a Grizzly Bear 2001, Gary Montgomery; The Rondo Train Robbery, Gary Montgomery; Roy Brock‟s Diary; Friendly Sons of Rest; Sons of Rest Trip, Oscar Roholt; Mountain Meadows, Darris Flanagan; Christmas is for Always, Mildred Chaffin

Reprinted from Eureka Journal: Old rifle found

Photographs: Grouse hunters; Fathers and sons at train station WW II; First load of Christmas trees

Volume X Number 4 Winter 2002 #63

Cover: Southbound Freight, Fortine, Montana c1920

Editorial: Bob, Russ and editor trying to start Tin Lizzie.

Interview: Mabel Franklin DowellNon-fiction: Not So Long Ago, Mountain View Homemakers club, 1967; Growing Up in Southcountry B. C., Irene B. Abbey; Murder on the Oriental Limited, Gary Montgomery; North of the 49th Parallel, Ray Nohels; Roy Brock‟s Diary; Snow Memories, Mildred Chaffin; More Friendly Sons of Rest;

Reprinted from Kalispell Bee: Burglar William Heard swims roaring Kootenai River

Photographs: Leo Butts with Dray team, Gateway, Mt. circa 1917; Catholic Youth on bobsled, circa 1940; Laird Byers, circa 1952; Mountain View Homemakers, 1967; Eureka, Dewey Avenue looking north winter of 1944–45

Volume XI Number 1 Spring 2002 #64

Cover: Forest Knott and Larry Oman with wheelbarrow, circa 1934

Editorial: Sorting through Ideas for Editorials file

Interview: Rev. Carl Pershall

Obit: Addie Irwin and Maurine Smith

Non-fiction: Not So Long Ago, People talking about moving out of Rexford after Libby Dam; March Madness, the high school basket ball team of 1916; Roy Brock‟s Diary; North of the 49 th Parallel, Ray Nohels; More Friendly Sons of Rest; Mintoco, Montana International Oil Co. Flourishes and Dies

Reprinted from 1916 Eurekan: Snowslides block team‟s route to Bozeman

Photographs: Waldo Hotel circa 1930; Alice In Wonderland operetta at Roosevelt school circa 1932; Galloping Goose between Rexford and Fernie, 1912, West Fernie school; 1916 L.C.H.S. basketball team; Clarence “Dickey” Rich in 1941; Frank Baney circa 1926, MINTOCO oil derrick on Tobacco Plains in 1915

Volume XI Number 2 Summer 2002 #65

Cover: Anchors Aweigh, Sailor Jonas VanWagenen, 1900

Editorial: Economic Development

Interview: Elizabeth Hayworth

Obit: Helen White, Mable Leonard, Helen Schagel

Non-fiction: Early Days in the Forest Service, Ray Woesner; Growing Up in Southcountry B. C., Irene Abbey; The First Fight Against Terrorism; Roy Brock‟s Diary; North of the 49th parallel, Ray Nohels; Here and Gone the Rexford Bridge Affair; Kootenai Memories, Jim Kuchenski; Swan John Dahlberg and his Fairview House, Darris Flanagan

Reprinted from Eureka Journal: Bandits Hold Up Oriental Limited

Photographs: Emma Leonard Wetzel in boat; L.C.H.S. band circa 1941; Cora Frederickson with infant; Forest Service crew at Point of Rocks Ranger Station circa 1910; Swan John Dahlberg‟s Fairview House; Felix Kuchenski

Volume XI Number 3 Fall 2002 #66

Cover: Jean Purdy and Eugene Fleming

Editorial: Vitriol of elections, no death penalty for Maryland sniper

Interview: Jack Peters

Non-fiction: A Different Kind of Christmas, Mildred Chaffin; Growing Up In Southcountry, B. C., Irene Abbey; An Airplane View of the State of Montana; The Fallen Angel Murder, Gary Montgomery; Roy Brock‟s Diary; Yes, Virginia, Eureka really was the Christmas Tree Capital of the World, Darris Flanagan

Reprinted from Eureka Journal: Eureka‟s Famous Christmas Tree, First auto in Montana

Book Review: Indian Trails of the Northern Rockies

Photographs: Fisherman at unidentified lake; Pinkham Creek revival, 1916; Logging camp at Trego; Aerial View of Montana (a drawing)

Volume XI Number 4 Winter 2003 #67

Cover: Ice fisherman at Glen Lake

Editorial: Items from the Citrus County Chronicle

Interview: Byron and Eva Olson

Non-fiction: Not So Long Ago, Eureka Ambulance history; Growing Up In Southcountry, B. C., Irene Abbey; Early days in the Forest Service, E. G. Stahl; Roy Brock‟s diary

Fiction: That‟s My Man, Clara FewkesReprinted from Eureka Journal: Happenings at Dahlberg‟s Fairview house; Elopers Founded Town of Wisdom

Photographs: Kootenai River ferry; Pinkham church group, 1933; Eureka ambulance crew, 1987; Mrs. Olson with Anna (actually Glenna) and Byron, Eva Soderling Olson; Barney Olson, Charlie Holly and Morris Gehre circa 1925; Irene Beatrice Letcher nee Abbey; Fernie after fire of 1908; Winter downtown Eureka circa 1916; Irene Collar and Kenny Gwynn

Volume XII Number 1 Spring 2003 #68

Cover: Six McKenzie cousins on a horse

Editorial: Wreck of the L‟le Trooper

Interview: Judy McKenzie

Non-fiction: Early days of the Forest Service, Ed Stahl; Sheriff Baney Gunned Down, Gary Montgomery; A Mule Tale, Juanita Butts; A Second Chance, the Rexford Bridge Affair; Aunt Hannah. Louise Garrison; First Among the Flathead Lake Kutenai, Baptiste Mathias, Roy Brock‟s Diary

Fiction: The Search for Lost Lake, Ron Parmele

T Tales: Auto Polo

Photographs: 1969 Eureka town basketball team; Amos Kinney family on Pinkham 1928; 1905 Eureka baseball team in wagon; Sheriff Baney in bed; Barbara and Juanita Rich in 1927; Baptiste Mathias and Thain White, 1962

Volume XII Number 2 Summer 2003 #69

Cover: Baseball game circa 1916

Editorial: California recall election and Libertarian takeover

Interview: June Williams

Non-fiction: Making Hay While the Sun Shines, Mildred Chaffin; Early Days in the Forest Service, Ed Stahl; Big Celebrations, Gary Montgomery; Roy Brock‟s Diary; Between the Lines (nude movies at the Majestic); It All Began at an Ice Cream Social, Geneva Montgomery; The Bullpen and More, Darris Flanagan

T Tales: Madeline Utter Remembers

Photographs: People in Boats at Swift Creek; John Helms and Indian woman with children; Ethyl Patrick; Hannah Price hugging Ethyl Patrick; Baseball game at old fairgrounds before 1915; Balloon ascension behind National hotel circa 1910;Tetrault Garage circa 1920; Delmar and Geneva Montgomery, 1935

Volume XII Number 3 Fall 2003 #70

Cover: Loaded For Bear, Emma Wetzel and Minnie Fluharty

Editorial: Matt Montgomery‟s incident with Dan Nygren

Interview: Jerry Marvel

Non-fiction: The School Lunch Program, Mildred Chaffin; A Bad Night in Eureka, the Montana Hotel Fire, Andy Johnson; Not All Pioneers Came in Covered Wagons, Lloyd DePratu‟s story; A Bear Story, Clara Fewkes; The Hanging of Fred LeBeau, C. O‟Connell, Early Days in the Forest Service, L. Lake; Dunn Creek Nell, Marie Shea

Photographs: Frank Baney and Aunt Mary Campbell at picnic; Brown and Fewkes store 1903; Barney Olson in Model T; Wagon load of people in Rexford; Montana Hotel fire

Volume XII Number 4 Winter 2004 #71

Cover: Louis Duchesne

Editorial: Darlington Raceway

Interview: Wylie and Beverly Osler

Non-fiction: Early days in the forest Service, C. Powell; Roosevelt School days, Don Curtis; The Influenza Pandemic of 1918, Gary Montgomery

Reprinted from the Tobacco Plains Journal: A Bird‟s Eye view of the Plains, G. Shawler

Photographs: Girls in wagon 1928; Two women at Clark‟s Hospital; Ray and Rhea Zellar with Carl Shook; Louise Schermerhorn, Ray Zellar, Oscar Gray, Lois Smith at Twin Meadows; Cliff Vorhees and last passenger train through Eureka

Volume XIII Number 1 Spring 2004 #72

Cover: Couple with new 1929 Model A Truck

Editorial: Corporate greed, outsourcing, modern day robber barons

Interview: Bill Gwynn

Non-fiction: The Montana 500, Mike Cuffe; Early Days in the Forest Service, D. S. Olson; More on the Montana Hotel Fire, Darris Flanagan; The Long Journey, Frank Costich

Fiction: Herman and Frieda and the Ruckstell Rearend, Stan Howe

Photographs: Early log truck; Group picture c1936 including Thurman Gwynn; Gwynns moving to Montana; Bill Gwynn basketball; Dewey Avenue looking north c1918; Andy Johnson, 2004

Volume XIII Number 2 Summer 2004 #73

Cover: Elderly Eureka couple pumping water

Editorial: The military draft and public service

Interview: Maurice Bernhard

Non-fiction: And That‟s the Way It Was, Mildred Chaffin; An Egg for a County Seat?, Darris Flanagan; Early Days in the Forest Service, L. Stewart; Such Patriots Will Win the War, author unknown; Letters Back Home, Carlisle and Grover Anderson; Battle on Tobacco Plains, Elno

Reprinted from the Tobacco Plains Journal: The Glorious Forth, 1904

Photographs: Lutheran Camp, 1969; Aunt Mary Campbell at picnic; Fred Marvell and Louis Deshesne on hay wagon; Grover and Carlisle Anderson

Volume XIII Number 3 Fall 2004 #74

Cover: Homesteaders and (children dressed as) Indians

Editorial: Storage units

Interview: Dionne brothers

Non-fiction: The Carpenter Family, from Story of Tobacco Plains Country; The Short Tragic Life of Charles Raber, Gary Montgomery; Homesteading in Montana, Ruth Pomeroy

Photographs: 1931 Eureka football team. (1921 is incorrect); Iowa Flats school children c1934; logging camp by Winton Weydemeyer; Henry Raber, Ella Peterson, Xana Leonard, Emma (Grandma) Raber; Asa Curtis with pails; Asa, Grace, Ina Curtis and granddaughter Karen

Volume XIII Number 4 Winter 2005 #75

Cover: Wagn load of people heading for Eureka, 1928

Editorial: Closing of Owens and Hurst mill

Interview: Edna Glass

Non-fiction: Wagons Ho! The Trip West, M. Alex; Mining in Tobacco Plains Country, Gary Montgomery; Tobacco Valley Prospecting and Mining, Leland E. Tripp; Twin Peaks Mining Company, Merrill Tripp; Let‟s Get Something Going, Gary Montgomery

Obits: Across the Divide, Jesse Cleary, Warren Koebel, Inez Herrig, Mary Roo, Elizabeth Finch, Iva Peltier

Fiction: Herman and the New Ruckstell Rearend, Stan Howe

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: 3 political cartoons from 1917

Photographs: Three Boy Scouts in the 60s; Last train out, 1972; Leland Tripp; Merrill Tripp; Mary Roo and editor

Volume XIV Number 1, Spring 2005 #76

Cover: Boys and Bicycles circa 1925

Editorial: Battling Curmugeonry

Interview: Red and Edith Patrick

Non-fiction: The Search for Ed Patrick; The First War on Terrorism; Memories of Dorothy Brown Curtis; Memories of Lew Curtis

Fiction: Herman and Freida and the TT Truck, Stan Howe

Obits: Joe Gibbons and Ella West

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: The Search for Ed Patrick

Photographs: Schoolboys, 1928; Great Northern work crew with Ed Patrick; Dorothy Brown Curtis; Model T and home-built trailer; Lew and Dorothy Curtis with daughters and milk cow

Volume XIV Number 2 Summer 2005 #77

Cover: Tillie Porter and two others at Eureka post office

Editorial: Emptying Mom‟s house and 12R3

Interview: Laurene Mikalson McRae

Non-fiction: Memoirs of the All girls Brush Piling Crew, Ruth Pomeroy; Eureka Woman Victim of Bluebeard; Early Days in the Forest Service, A. Cramer; Bert McKenzies‟s ledger book; Recollections of Guy McKenzie; My Best friend, Geneva Montgomery; Ordinance No. 82

Obit: Tender Parting Words for Gertrude Tripp

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: Ruby Rhodes Stevens saves little sister, Woman Victim of Heart and Hand

Photographs: Plentywood homesteader with bicycle; Group of boys and one girl with basketball includes Manley Schagel and Robert Hendrickson; Knotts and McKenzie cousins

Volume XIV Number 3 Fall 2005 #78

Cover: Asa Curtis family waiting for the train

Editorial: Problems facing America; military/industrial complex

Interview: Grace Curtis Mjolsness Johnston

Non-fiction: Lew Curtis Hobo Stories; Early days in the Forest Service, Ralph Space; The Saga of Clyde Rector and Mike Ren, Gary Montgomery; Recollections of Guy McKenzie

Fiction: The Accident Form

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: Night Officer Douglas shoots Fitzgerald; Big Verdict Won by Montana Man

Photographs: Painting at old fairgrounds c1913; Good Neighbors Club c1930; Grace Curtis Gallery; When the Forest Service had clout

Volume XIV Number 4 Winter 2006 #79

Cover: Car Skiing, 1955

Editorial: Land Use Planning in Lincoln County

Interview: Pat and Helen Hume

Non-fiction: The Terrible Ordeal of Forrest “Little Bud” Johnson; The Steve Harris affair, Gary Montgomery; I Remember, Myrtle Elliot; The Saga of Clyde Rector and Mike Ren, Gary Montgomery

Nothing New: Delinquent teenagers and oil dependence

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: Saling car plunges down embankment

T Tale: Calix Dugas‟ close call

Photographs: Jimmie Forsyth with Leonard family and his sister; Kenchillas Tie Camp School, 1928; Group of Eureka men in front of pool hall c1916; Al Luciano c1965

Volume XV Number 1 Spring 2006 #80

Cover: Roy West and sister-in-law Shorty West c1937

Editorial: Incompetence at the upper level and passport requirement

Interview: Nellie Mae Tripp and Ruth Anderson

Non-fiction: Good Morning Libby, Gary Montgomery; While the Town Sleeps, Oliver Coburn; Johney Robert McKenzie, Grace McKenzie Cuffe, Johnnie McKenzie, Helen Maughan; The Grand Jury of 1922, Gary Montgomery; The Travels of Victor Montgomery, The Saga of Clyde Rector and Mike Ren, Gary Montgomery

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: Col. Norris Tells of How Woman Lost Scalp and Lived

Reprinted from the Daily Inter Lake: Terrorism and Mesopotamia 1919

Obit: George Patrick Shea

Nothing New: Kids and Home

T Tale: Death of Dewain Graves

Photographs: Five Frost cousins hiking; Sheas and Quirks c1928; Trego splash dam 1915

Volume XV Number 2 Summer 2006 #81

Cover: Tom Roholt backyard applejack

Editorial: The Firewood business and Rattlebone country

Interview: Tom RoholtNon-fiction: A Fistic Fiasco, Gary Montgomery; The Big Bust of 1922, Gary Montgomery; A Different Kind of Honeymoon, W. C. Parker; The Saga of Clyde Rector and Mike Ren, Gary Montgomery

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: Early Days in Tobacco Valley, Mrs. H. H. Robinson

Obit: Oliver Roholt, Jr.

Nothing New: Muslims and Immigration

Photographs: Roholt family on a picnic; Boy Scouts hiking to Fish Lakes, Gibbons, Roholt, Schagal, Olson; Young people at Fish Lakes, 1930s; Dempsey/Gibbons Arena at Shelby

Volume XV Number 3 Fall 2006 #82

Cover: Elsie Helms in Christmas tree yard

Editorial: Thirst for oil

Interview: Winston Pluid

Non-fiction: A Great Big River To Cross, Gary Montgomery; This Woman May Have Caused the Eureka Mill Fire, unknown; Heber Robinson In His Own Words; The Memoirs Of Ed Clarke; Letters to Brown and Fewkes Mercantile; Eureka‟s Christmas Tree Celebrations, Darris Flanagan; A Church Is Born, Ruth Pomeroy; Remembering a Great Lady; Kathy Peltier, The Saga of Clyde Rector and Mike Ren, Gary Montgomery

Reprinted form the Eureka Journal: More to a Fistic Fiasco

Photographs: Janet Campbell and Dorothy Alverson with bear; Lois Workman baling Christmas trees

Volume XV Number 4 Winter 2007 #83

Cover: Mike Ford on his homestead in 1902

Editorial: Editors desire to be a homesteader

Interview: Lucille Biegler

Non-fiction: More on Murder of Nina Deloney; Grace‟s Story, Grace Curtis Johnston; The Memoirs of Ed Clarke; The Lowdown on the Schools Up Grave Creek, Darris Flanagan; More Letters from Brown and Fewkes Mercantile; Ernie Mikalson, His Sons and His Sawmills; The Saga of Clyde Rector and Mike Ren, Gary Montgomery

Photographs: Eureka Lumber Company logging camp; Brown and Fewkes Mercantile in 1906; Grave Creek School Children in 1917-18; Grave Creek sleigh school bus in early 1920‟s

Volume XVI Number 1 Spring 2007 #84

Cover: Stephanie Baillargion

Editorial: International financing and profligate spending

Interview: Helen DeLong and Myrtle Richmond

Non-fiction: Grace‟s Story, Grace Curtis Johnston; Memoirs of Ed Clarke; Support Our Troops – 1918 style; Early Days in the Forest Service, Eugene Grush; Letters from Brown and Fewkes Mercantile; The

Saga of Clyde Rector and Mike Ren, Gary Montgomery

Obit: Darrell Roose

Photographs: 1930s logging camp; Two Women in a dining room; First hotel in Tobacco Valley

Volume XVI Number 2 Summer 2007 #85

Cover: Cabbage Patch Kid: Phyllis Americana Knott

Editorial: Privatizing fighting forest fires

Interview: Vivian Workman

Non-fiction: James W. Whilt, Gary Montgomery; Finding Pandora‟s Box, Lu Dwarkin; Memoirs of Ed Clarke; Letters from Brown and Fewkes Mercantile, Early Days in the Forest Service, Eugene Grush; Grace‟s Story, Grace Curtis Johnston; Roy Brock‟s Diary; The Saga of Clyde Rector and Mike Ren, Gary Montgomery

Photographs: Looking west from east Eureka; Original Marston Lookout; Costich Thresher, Work day at Glen Lake

Volume XVI Number 3 Fall 2007 #86

Cover: Vukonich homesteaders on Grave C reek

Editorial: Christ and Christmas

Interview: John and Mabel BeebeNon-fiction: Growing Up In Trego, Ruth Erickson Kittleson; Big Trouble At White‟s Landing, Gary Montgomery; Kootenai River Steamboats, the Annerly; Early days of the Forest Service, Albert Cole; Grace‟s Story, Grace Curtis Johnston; Roy Brock‟s Diary, Mike and Rosalie McCoy, First Nation

Canadians; Grandma‟s New Cupboard, Clara Fewkes

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: The 1925 Eureka fire

Photographs: Four Children by old building; Trego in 1922; Kootenai River Ferry; Kutenai Indians camped in Eureka

Volume XVI Number 4 Winter 2008 #87

Cover: Chief Charlot

Editorial: Government stimulus checks

Interview: Sid Workman

Non-fiction: Growing Up In Trego, Ruth Erickson Kittleson; Broken Promises, Dan Conroy; He Done Her Wrong, Gary Montgomery; Roy Brock‟s Diary; Remembering Ted Letcher

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: Fortine Man Kills Burglar

Photographs: Charlot‟s band crossing the Bitterroot River; Trego School c1920; The J. D. Farrell and North Star in winter dock at Jennings

Volume XVII Number 1 Spring 2008 #88

Cover: Ace Powell courting Thelma Conner

Editorial: Homestead Holiday

Interview: Thelma Powell

Non-fiction: Injuns, Charlie Russell; The Ruth‟s Last Run; Frank Gregson‟s Last Night Shift, Gary Montgomery; Musings on the Fortine Cemetery, Darris Flanagan; Roy Brock‟s Diary

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: Joe Kurilovitch‟s story; Hogan‟s Army (1894)

Photographs: Fortine Public Amusement Company play, 1913; Conservation men c1960; Floyd Carvey; Sam Anderson; Howard Hull, .25-20 Remington rifle

Volume XVII Number 2 Summer 2008 #89

Cover: Huck Alverson circa 1916

Editorial: Turning 65

Interview: Larry Oman

Non-fiction: What‟s in a Name – Tobacco Valley ranch names; The Old Swimin‟ Hole, Pete Klinke; Early Days in the Forest Service, Ralph Hand; A Glimpse at Huck Alverson, Gary Montgomery

T Tales: Young Libby people drive into the Kootenai River, 1927; Growing Up In Trego, Ruth Erickson Kittelson; Life and Times of Old Man Mac, Mac McMarrell; The State Against Frank Garey, Gary Montgomery

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: Young Couple Elope

Photographs: Four young men (some Rhodes) at stump; Frank and Zania Leonard; Manley Winefred “Huck” Alverson; Oscar and Ella Mae Leonard Oman; Frank Garey and sons; Road construction north of Eureka

Volume VXII Number 3 Fall 2008 #90

Cover: Huck Alverson with buck circa 1918

Editorial: Buying the Miss Penny Lee

Interview: Mildred Berner

Non-fiction: A Conversation Among Four Local Legends -Herrigs and Fewkes; A Tobacco valley Retrospective – Jim Snow; Early Days in the Forest Service, Ralph Hand; The Life and Times of Old Man Mac, Mac McMarrell; Growing Up In Trego, Ruth Erickson Kittelson

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: Baney Shoots Fugitive

Obits: Helen Tripp, Eva Olson, Laurene McRae, Russ Stroud, Kirk Thomas

Photographs: Children, adults, buggy, old car; Elmer, Roy and Lester Rhodes; Clara Fewkes, Bill Fewkes, Rexford School bus and students, Walt and Ethel Chalcraft, Jim Snow

Volume XVII Number 4 Winter 2009 #91

Cover: Bernice Ende and her EntourageEditorial: Congress is a juggernaut

Interview: Bernice Ende

Non-fiction: Painful Memories, Don Purdy; Northwest Basketball Tournament – 1928; The Heavy Hand of Uncle Sam, Gary Montgomery; Roy Brock‟s Diary; The Life and Times of Old Man Mac, A Glimpse at the Life of Ida McKenzie; Early Days in the Forest Service, Ralph Hand

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: Four auto accidents

Photographs: Big log on wagon; Deer in forest, Dolly Roberts and Audrey Alverson; Don and Martha Purdy, 1916 basketball team, Bernice Ende‟s animals

Volume XVIII Number 1 Spring 2009 #92

Cover: Roosville Cash Store

Editorial: Evolution of razors

Interview: Doug McDonald

Non-fiction: Order of Owls; Frank Letcher – A Profile; Taps for the Eureka Journal; The Little Spring; The Roosville Crossing in Simpler Times, Alenath Rich; Lost and Found: One Can of Bear Spray, Kelly Osler; Roy Brock‟s Diary; Letters to Myra (Frederickson nee Roo); Early Days in the Forest Service, Dean R. Harrington; Older than Dirt; How Roosville Got Its Start

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: Journal to Suspend With This Issue

T Tales: Three Model Ts drive from Kalispell in 1920

Photographs: Engine in the Kootenai River; Couple on RR tracks; Oscar and Mrs. Wolf; The Little Spring; Alenath Rich, Customs officers at Gateway; Jim Sinclair at old Roosville port; Customs officers at Roosville; Abel and Cecille Gravelle

Volume XVIII Number 2 Summer 2009 #93

Cover: Fallers on springboards with crosscut saw

Editorial: Editors experience with sawmills

Interview: Jim Hurst, II

Non-fiction: Early Days in the Forest Service, Dean R. Harrington; Marie Purdy on Butter; Roy Brock‟s Diary; Excerpts from a Conversation with Elsie Helms; Letters to Myra (Frederickson nee Roo)

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: Local Senator Boosts County

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal and Whitefish Pilot: Two young car thieves

Reprinted from Frank Baney – Forty Years a Montana Law Enforcer: Lincoln County Beginnings, Beryl

Holgren; A Grand Piano

Obit: Elsie Helms

Photographs: Logging camp cooks – one is Ray Zeller; River of logs; Rhodes family sawmill; Frank Marston packing – 1926; Howard and Elsie Helms

Volume XVIII Number 3 Fall 2009 #94

Cover: A Clash of Titans

Editorial: Our trip to Las Vegas

Interview: Dick Gaertner

Non-fiction: About Those Silk Trains, Gary Montgomery; Early Days in the Forest Service, Dean R. Harrington; Of Moose and Man; Autobiography of Esther Ann Wood nee Knotts; About Lottie McKenzie nee Adams; Letters to Myra; Roy Brock‟s Diary; What the Heck‟s a Gridiron?

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: Montana‟s First Building, Their First Motion Picture

Obits: Phyllis Moen; Evelyn McCurry

Photographs: L.C.H.S. Class of 1935-36; Train arriving in Eureka; tobacco River log drive, 1910; Bones of Moose and Man

Volume XVIII Number 4 Winter 2010 #95

Cover: Lincoln Logging & Lumber Company

Editorial: Legalizing marijuana

Interview: Robert and Hubert McKenzie

Non-fiction: “Deep Freeze” Sullivan, Marie Shea; A Glimpse at the Life of Ross McKenzie , Ross McKenzie; Frank Baney – Larger than Life; centerfold; The Lynching of Frank Little, Gary Montgomery;Roy Brock‟s Diary; Ed Clarke‟s Diary; Early Days in the Forest Service, Dean R. Harrington; Letters to Myra

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: Life of an Automobile, This Mechanical Age, Rangers on Game Patrol

Obits: Sherman Dionne; Edna Glass; Raven Stevens

Photographs: Skidding Logs to the Dahlberg Mill; Johnny Valcore crosscut saw; Roy and Kay Brock, Myra Frederickson nee Roo

Volume XIX Number 1 Spring 2010 #96

Cover: Strike Poster 1917

Editorial: Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Pennsylvania oil, North Fork of Flathead oil

Interview: Dale Miller

Non-fiction: The Dubious history of Zonolite, Gary Montgomery; Montana‟s Other Strike – The Timber Strike of 1917, Richard Aarstad; Roy Brock‟s Journal, Early Days in the Forest Service, Dean R.

Harrington; Letters to Myra

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: Porter Falls from Train

Reprinted from the Eureka Mirror: The L. C. H. S. Girls Hiking Club

Poetry: The Hegira, Hazel Benda

Obit: Tom Roholt

Photographs: Wolverine Cabin; Oil drilling on Tobacco Plains; Bags of Zonolite on truck; Benda homestead; National Guard in Eureka 1917; Dionne family in 1938; Dale and Grace Miller

Volume XIX Number 2 Summer 2010 #97

Cover: “Summer Fresh” woman in garden

Editorial: Miss Penny Lee update

Interview: Hazel Schermerhorn

Non-fiction: Joseph and Sarah Fuller; Early Days in the Forest Service, Dean R. Harrington; The Demise of the North Star; Montana‟s Timber Strike of 1917, Richard Aarstad; Roy Brock‟s Diary, Guy Goes to Alaska, Clara Fewkes; The Stolen Church, Clara Fewkes

T Tales: Easy as One, Two, Three

Reprinted from the Spokesman-Review: Canal Flats, Olga W. Johnson

Reprinted from the Flathead Herald Journal: four short articles

Poetry: Song of the Broad-ax, Walt Whitman

Photographs: Big Mill and Chemical Plant from Water Tank Hill; Royal Neighbors 1950s; Ivan Schermerhorn; Ray Woesner on horseback; Captain Frank Armstrong; North Star at Jennings; Possible strikers at the Sherry Hotel; Dick and Dixie Peltier, Clara and Guy Brock

Volume XIX Number 3 Fall 2010 #98

Cover: Ray Curtis at gas station 1947

Editorial: Founding Fathers and a slap at the Tea Party

Interview: Lee and Madeline Utter

Non-fiction: Frank Slick, Madeline Utter; William A. Payne, Madeline Utter; A Primer on Early Tobacco Plains Golf History; Growing Up As I Remember It, Don Curtis; Early Days in the Forest Service, Dean R. Harrington; Darrel Roose Remembers; Letters to Myra; Dick Peltier – A Man of the Great Outdoors, Kathy Peltier

T Tales: Building of the Going to the Sun highway

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: Three Ubell children perish in a fire

Reprinted from the Grasmere Community newsletter: Golden years, Jim and Frances Sinclair

Poetry: There Stood a House, Don Curtis

Obit: Keith McCully

Photographs: Ross “Shorty” Young with bear hides; Friendly Sons of Rest cabin; Ronnie and Donnie Curtis; ray and Lewella Curtis with children; Chris and Rose Branaccio; Darrel Roose; Jim and Frances Sinclair; Dick Peltier and Joe Johnson

Volume XIX Number 4 Winter 2011 #99

Cover: Earl Clack gas station “Buried”

Editorial: Increasing complexity of life

Interview: Gloria Osler

Non-fiction: To the Bitter End – Rise and Fall of the Eureka Chemical Plant, Gary Montgomery; A Glimpse at the Life of Jack Gallinger; The Hills I Remember, Don Curtis; The Veterans Colony at Iowa Flats; Letters to Myra; Early Days in the Forest Service, David Lake

Reprinted from the Flathead Monitor: Three varied articles

Obit: Ollie Coburn

Photographs: Chemical Plant retort; Chemical Plant truck; Chemical Plant workers; Peggy Workman nee Spire and Aubyn Curtiss nee Armstrong, Ed Clarke 1929; Ed Clarke gutting deer; Chemical Plant storage yard;

Volume XX Number 1 Spring 2011 #100

Cover: Hand in Hand, Frank and June Baney, circa 1932

Editorial: Musings about the 100th issue of The Trail

Interview: Slim and June Woffenden

Non-fiction: What a Difference a Century Makes; The School I Remember, Don Curtis; The Clutter Bread Wrapping Machine; A Hard Man, the Life and Crimes of George Frankhauser, Richard Aarstad; Here and Gone, the Rise and Fall of the Farmers and Merchants Bank, Gary Montgomery; Ed Clarke‟s Diary, Some Historical Musings, Darris Flanagan; Letters to Myra

Photographs: Inside Farmers and Merchants Bank; First Baptist Church, 1911

Volume XX Number 2 Summer 2011 #101

Cover: Older woman in backyard with pan

Editorial: All thumbs and texting while driving. Also reforming congress

Interview: Pete Klinke

Non-fiction: A Little Personal History, Mrs. William (Lucy) West; More on George Frankhauser and Frank McDonald, Richard Aarstad; Ed Clarke‟s Diary; Are They (Chinese) Houses or Ovens?; Tidbits from The Story of Tobacco Plains (old prospectors); Prohibition Update – 1922; The Life and Times of Jack and Ruby Stevens, Thad Wollan; Early Days in the Forest Service, John F. Preston; Letters to Myra

T Tales: Recollections of H. D. “Doc” Smiley

Photographs: Alverson haying crew 1920s; Klinke brothers store; A Picnic Mr. Weil Gave (centerfold); The Big Creek Cabin in 1930, George B. Long, M. D.;

Volume XX Number 3 Fall 2011 #102

Cover: Manning the McGifford circa 1918

Editorial: Copper Kings and the Citizens United descision.

Interview: Wes and Phyllis Hansberry

Non-fiction: Corrupt Practices Act of 1912; Ice On - Off Dickey Lake, Gloria Osler; Kootenai valley History from Earl and Helen Hansberry; The Story of Two Bears, Sid Workman; Ed Clarke‟s Diary; The Turning Point, May Webb; Early Days in the Forest Service, Ralph S. Space; Letters to Myra

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: Nothing New Under the Sun, remarks by John Rockerfeller (1922) and the perpetual drug war (1922)

T Tales: recollections of Helen Hansberry

Obit: Gene and Pal Johnson, Dale Holder, Lela Holder

Photographs: An apparent school house at Warland, Montana circa 1915; Store at Warland, Montana circa 1910; T. R. Garage, Warland circa 1920; Earl Hansberry felling a tree in 1959; Baird-Harper Lumber Company mill circa 1920; Baird-Harper Company store circa 1922; The Charlie Workamn family in 1948; Warland Ferry circa 1925

Volume XX Number 4 Winter 2012 #103

Cover: Charlie and Lita Lynn, Newgate, British Columbia circa 1940

Editorial: Eulogy to Ralph Stever

Interview: Lita Salanski

Non-fiction: Follow Up on the Fall 2011 Political Cartoon; The Lynn Family of Newgate, Lita Salanski; Reprinted from the Story of Tobacco Plains Country: Robert Reid and his homestead; Early Days in the Forest Service, The Pinkham Rebellion; Andrew Stacy, Madeline Utter; The 147 th Spruce Division; Recollections of Tom McDonald; Vernon Uphill Recalls the Stocks Family; Ed Clarke‟s Diary; Letters to Myra

T Tales: Tom McDonald, his first car

Photographs: Charlie and Lita Lynn behind a plow horse circa 1940; Fernie Boy Scout Bridge circa 1910; Immigration and Customs at Gateway, British Columbia circa 1920; Susan Lynn in a Model-T circa 1920; Robert Reid‟s house circa 1915; When the Forest Service Had Clout, the armed guard circa 1924; Stacey and Roberts family members circa 1900; U. S. Customs officers Fleming, Brice and Hoover, 1914; Fred Roo, Sr., with Jimmie and Ernie, circa 1910

Volume XXII Number 3  Fall 2013 #110 

Cover: Oops! Somewhere in the Yaak 

Editorial: Eulogy for Jack Peters

Interview: Betty Pomeroy nee Cheevers

Nonfiction: Warland Remembered, Dorothy Wilhelm; Early Days in the Forest Service, Mark O. Watson; Excerpts from: Letters from Nam to Mom; Ambushed Again, Barry Schermerhorn, The All Too Brief Tenure of Dr. Bogardus, Gary Montgomery, Odysset of Phillips Lake at Okaga, Alma Phillips, Letter to Lujennie; Letter to Myra; A Near Miss Troop Train Wrecks at Lupher; Lincoln Football – Fall 1924; Ed Clarke’s Diary

Best of Tobacco Plains Journal: A Bad Day at Loon Lake, Jack Daniel

T Tales: A deal you can’t refuse and new highways

LEC Sidebar: A Fateful Night

Photographs: Engine in the River circa 1916; Cheevers Farmstead in Trego circa 1952

Volume XXII Number 4  Winter 2014 #111

Cover: Sisters in the Snow, Vera and Jeanette Janiak

Editorial: Talking to Animals on Christmas Eve and removal of JP from Eureka

Interview: Jeanette Ferris nee Janiak (Sinclair)

Nonfiction: The All Too Brief Tenure of Dr. Bogardus, Gary Montgomery; Excerpts from: Letters to Mom from Nam; Real Soldiers, Real Places, Real Graves, Barry Schermerhorn; Ed Clarke’s Diary; Odyssey of Phillips Lake at Okaga, Alma Phillips; Early Days in the Forest Service, Leon Lake; A Letter to Myra

Reprinted from Kootenai Times and Libby Herald, Artifacts unearthed or found

Best of the Tobacco Plains Journal: William and Lucy Newhall, a poem by Alice Dumenil

Poetry: Untitled, Clara Brock Fewkes nee Enden

Photographs: Roosevelt School students circa 1935; Trapper Charlie Wise circa 1935, Jim and Frances Sinclair, 1932

Volume XXIII Number 1  Spring 2014 #112

Cover: Off to the Goat Cart Races

Editorial: Advertorial for Southwest Airlines

Interview: Neal Wilke

Nonfiction: Margy Urnberg Remembers the Warland School; The Story of Angelique, Mrs. C. W. Buell; Ed Clarke’s Diary; Odyssey of Phillips Lake at Okaga, Alma Phillips; A Letter to Myra and Smith

T Tales: Plane Crashes Local Aviator Unhurt; Early Days in the Forest Service, Ralph Hand;

Best of the Tobacco Plains Journal, May 1994: The Lady of the Lake, Clara Fewkes 

Reprinted from the Kootenai Times: A Potpourri of Stories

Nothing New Under the Sun: A Comparison of news stories from 1934 and 2013

Photographs: Fortine, Montana 1912; James Sinclair in Masonic regalia; Two Interesting Artifacts; The Fur Patrol, 1943; Madeline Morigeau

Volume XXIII Number 2  Summer 2014 #113

Cover: Grandma Price with a Lunker circa 1932

Interview: Ken Antonelli

Nonfiction: August 1914; Excerpts from: The Diary of Cora Frederickson; The Augusta Hotel of Fortine, Darris Flanagan; Building Wolverine Cabin, Walt Carpenter; Ed Clarke’s Diary; The Odyssey of Phillips Lake at Okaga, Alma Phillips; Early Days in the Forest Service, Ralph Hand; Letter to Myra and Smith

Reprinted from Early Flathead and Tobacco Plains: “Boots” Coombs, Custom Patrol

Reprinted from the Eureka Journal: Forest Fire, Water Fountain, Baby Contest

T Tales: Border Patrolman killed in wreck

Best of the Tobacco Plains Journal, September 1994: Road Record

Photographs: Log Burling on the Fourth of July, 1907; Sunday at Sophie; An Early Tobacco Valley School; Winter Reprise, Roosevelt School 1935








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